Often, the people make the adventure. Or, at the very least, complement it. The crew of Segue are divers, adventurers and world travellers. We like to have fun and will help you get the most from your excursion. We look forward to adding you to Segue’s long list of friends. 

Colin Dykstra, Skipper

Colin has been cruising and racing sailboats all his life. As Captain of Segue for five years now, Colin has logged tens of thousands of blue water sea miles and been to some of the most exotic cruising locations on the planet. Colin knows the entire boat and its systems intimately. A perfectionist, he ensures those systems are fully operational at all times. In addition, Colin is an expert in marine navigation, marine safety and weather forecasting. With his proven track record and optimistic demeanour, you couldn’t ask for a more competent or experienced skipper. He’s also a pretty good backgammon player.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Mercedes Villar, First Mate & CEO

Born in Spain, Mercedes has worked as a sailing instructor and cruised or raced everything from dinghies to maxi-yachts. Mercedes brings a creative flair to every aspect of life onboard Segue - and we mean creative! With one PHD, two Masters degrees, and a background in graphic arts, her innovative creations and ideas will make your excursion truly extraordinary. Mercedes will help you capture and preserve your adventure through spectacular photopraphs. As our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Mercedes brings her keen interest in history and cultural traditions to enhance your adventure, she will enrich your experience by introducing you to art, traditions and unique historical sites in the areas we travel.