Bartering -- Yachty style (Route research for Indonesia and Raja Ampat)!

Us sailors are SO easy -- If you need help with a project, or advice and guidance, all it takes is the offer of good food!  In our case, we turned to Indonesia and Raja Ampat veterans, Phil and Leslie from the yacht Carina.  We had them over last night and plied them with yellow-fin tuna fritters followed by grilled tuna on a bed of linquine a la parma rosa.  In exchange for this fare, we received a treasure trove of absolutely invaluable information!  The meal must have been great because the next morning Phil dropped by with a USB stick packed with cruising guides, Google Earth "chartlets" to use with our primary navigation system OpenCPN, as well as a fresh kefir culture to replace the one we managed to kill off when we were in SpainWonderful people!